For more detailed information about all of your Health & Welfare Plan benefits, please log-in and view your Summary Plan Description (SPD).


The Plan offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) through BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois. Contact BCBSIL at 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) or at to find a participating provider. The Plan also offers the BlueCard PPO Program which gives you access to BlueCross BlueShield network providers throughout the country. To locate a participating provider, call the number above or go to


The Plan offers prescription drug benefits through CVS/Caremark. The CVS/Caremark pharmacy network includes most major chain pharmacy locations, which can be utilized for short-term prescriptions. All long-term (maintenance) prescriptions must be filled at a CVS retail pharmacy or through the CVS/Caremark mail service pharmacy. Please remember that any prescriptions filled at Walgreens, Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club are not covered under the Plan. You may contact CVS/Caremark at (866) 818-6911 or at For Specialty prescriptions, please contact CVS/Specialty at (800) 237-2767 or at

Dental (Active Plan Only)

You may use any dental provider for services.  As a participant of the Plan, you have access to the services and benefits of the Dental Network of America (DNoA), which offers discounted rates for your dental care needs.  You may contact DNoA at (866) 522-6758 or at

Vision (Active Plan Only)

You may use any vision provider for services (with the exception of Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club).  As a participant of the Plan, you have access to the services and benefits of the BlueCross BlueShield Vision Care Program, which offers discounted retail rates for your vision care needs when you go to any provider participating in the network.  Simply present your BCBS ID card at a participating location and you will receive instant discounts on frames, lenses, contacts and exams.  To verify that your vision care provider participates in the BCBS Vision Care Program, ask them, or call BCBS at (877) 393-8844.

Short Term Disability (Active Plan Only)

The Plan provides a Weekly Accident and Sickness Benefit designed to help you pay for daily living expenses until you are able to return to work.  If you are totally disabled you may be eligible to receive this benefit.  You are considered totally disabled if you are completely unable to perform the regular duties of your job because of a non-occupational injury or illness and are under the direct and continuing care of a physician.  If you are eligible for this benefit, you should call the Fund Office as soon as possible at (312) 738-2811.

Death Benefit  (Active Plan Only)

In the event of your death, the Plan may provide a death benefit to your beneficiary.  The amount of your death benefit is based on how long you have been continuously covered under the Plan immediately before the date of your death.  The death benefit will be paid to your beneficiary as designated by you on the form authorized by the Fund Office, provided the Fund Office receives your completed form prior to your death.  A beneficiary designation form is available under the Health & Welfare Forms section of this website or you can request a form from the Fund Office at (312) 738-2811.

The Plan has a Precertification/Medical Management Program through BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois.  Your in-network provider will usually pre-certify your service for you.  But it’s always a good idea to confirm with your provider that they have gotten the needed approval.  For Precertification, call BCBSIL Customer Service at 1-800-572-3089.  For benefit questions, call the Fund Office at 1-312-738-2811.  These numbers are also listed on the back of your BCBSIL ID Card.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.  The Plan includes behavioral health benefits so you can access care when you need it.  Included in your mental health benefits, you have access to 8 sessions of live or virtual consultation through ComPsych (EAP).  For benefit questions, call the Fund Office at 1-312-738-2811.  For EAP services, call BCBSIL Customer Service at 1-800-572-3089 or ComPsych at 1-800-890-1213.

The Plan offers a disease management program through BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois (BCBSIL) to provide extra support for you and your covered family members for certain complex health issues.  A BCBSIL health advisor may call you if you’ve had a serious illness, injury, surgery or hospitalization.

The Plan also offers access to Well on Target, a program for education and information to help you on your path to health and wellness.  The heart of the program is the member portal at  The portal has many online tools, such as a Health Assessment, self-management programs, trackers, and health and wellness content to help keep you on course.  The interactive member wellness portal has programs specific to diabetes and diabetes prevention such as Living with Diabetes, Preventing Diabetes, and Managing your Metabolic Syndrome.

When a health problem pops up late in the day or in the middle of the night, it can be hard to know how serious it is.  Should you go to the emergency room?  Urgent care?  Or can it wait until you can see your regular doctor?  BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois (BCBSIL) offers a 24/7 Nurseline to help.  Call 1-800-299-0274 to reach a nurse.